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All Saints’ Day

( Holy Day of obligation )

November 1st

Masses November 1st : 5:30pm in English and 7:00pm in Polish

All Souls’ Day

( Wypominki )

November 2nd

Masses November 2nd: 8:00am English, 5:30pm English, 7:00pm Polish
 November 3rd 8:00am Polish


Polish graveyard on All Souls' Day

All Saints’ Day, November 1 in Poland

Poles take flowers (especially fall flowers like chrysanthemums), wreaths, candles, and votive lights into the cemeteries with the graves of family, friends or national heroes.

It is worth mentioning that the cemeteries in Poland are different from those in most any other country. Graves and tombs are big and very individualized. There is usually a guard standing at military graves on that day. With the exception of military graves, no two graves look alike. They are either individual (for one person) or family vaults. They can be made of rock (granite, marble, sandstone,etc.), sand, and while some are completely covered with stone, others have soil with some planted flowers. They differ in their richness; some of them are taken care of on a daily basis. Many older women, mainly widows, visit cemeteries almost every day. Since Poland is a Catholic country, almost every grave has a cross standing or carved in stone.

Even the most forgotten graves are full of lights and candles on that day. It is believed that praying and putting candles on these graves can help their souls.

Usually the weather cooperates on this day, offering sunny but cold weather, as the last few last rustle in the wind. Since this day is in late autumn, it reminds us that everybody’s existence is temporary and everybody eventually will be gone, just like the leaves on the trees. When the day is gloomy and dark, it is said to reflect the sadness of death.

The day is also celebrated as a Memorial Day, a day to honor these who died in the wars, especially World War II. The guards in uniforms or scouts are present by the vaults of soldiers.

All Saints’ Day is a time for reflection, especially on the passing year. It is a time of being close to family members remembering these who are gone. Nature plays its role: bare trees and fallen, grey leaves seem to say “slow down, calm down, relax, sit. Life is too short to worry about temporary things.”

All Souls’ Day (Zaduszki), NOVEMBER 2. November 2nd is called the “Day of All Souls,” (“Zaduszki” in Polish) a day on which to pray for family members and those who have died but are still in purgatory waiting their time to enter heaven. Masses called WYPOMINKI are held in the churches just like on All Saint’s Day. Additionally, the names of the deceased are read by priests during the services and all pray together for these souls. This day is usually gloomier and more hazy and rainy than on November 1st. Who can explain this phenomenon? All Souls’ Day has been celebrated by the Catholic Church on November 2nd since the 10th century..


Faith Formation – It’s not too late to register

Enrollment has begun for Faith Formation classes for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Students in Kindergarten – Grade 9, who do not attend a Catholic school, are strongly encouraged to be enrolled in our parish Faith Formation Program.

Rel. Ed. Classes, Confirmation Session, Adult Bible Study will begin Monday, September 10th at 6:15 p.m.

Classes for First Reconciliation & Communion will begin Saturday, October 13th at 8:45 a.m.

Welcome Deacon Bruno Petrauskas to our Parish!

                 Deacon Bruno Petrauskas was ordained in 2014 and has served at the                                                St. Thomas More/Our Lady Queen of Peace parishes in Brighton, and at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Community in Rochester.  He will begin serving the St. Stanislaus Community  on September 1st.                                          We warmly welcome Deacon Petrauskas, his wife Dalia and their two children.




Mission Statement

St. Stanislaus  Kostka Parish is a community dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by the Roman Catholic Church through the Word, Sacraments and Service while preserving and sharing the cultural roots of the Parish.

Mass Times

  8:00 AM
  4:00 PM
  9:00 AM (English)
  11:00 AM (Polish)
  8:00 AM
  5:30 PM
  8:00 AM
  8:00 AM
  5:30 PM
  8:00 AM
  5:15 (Holy Hour)
  6:00 PM
  6:30 PM (Chaplet of Divine Mercy)

Holy Day Masses:
  8:00 AM
  5:30 PM
  As Listed

Saturdays, 3:00 - 3:40 PM
and also by appointment

St. Stanislaus Kostka
34 St. Stanislaus St
Rochester, New York, 14621
(585) 467-3068